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Hoop It Up in Dallas Texas - June 20 & 21 2009


Well, its back. Hoop It Up is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that travels from state to state. This event comes to Dallas twice a year, once in April and again in June. If you are a basketball player, there are a few options if you are interested in playing. The tournament is played in Arlington at the Texas Ranger Stadium. Not the actual stadium, but the parking lot itself.

Interested in playing? If so, you just need to choose between 3 official divisions. Two of the three divisions are broken down even further, depending on your age and height:


  • Top Gun (no height, age, or experience requirements) - Typically these guys and gals are very solid players. Some ex-NBA or D-League players, some great college players, and some natural street ballers. Enter this division at your own risk and know that someone (at least one) will dunk the ball on you. This league is not for me, but I'll come by and watch.
  • Competitive - This division is split up by age (18-29 or 30+) and height (over 6 feet & under 6 feet). If you are under the age of 30, you may not play in the over 30 group, however, if you are over 30 you have the option to play with the younger men/women in other divisions. Same rule applies for height. No one over 6 feet tall can play in the 'under 6 feet' group, but you are welcome to play with the big boys even if you are 4'3".
  • Recreational - This division is also separated by Height and Age. Here you will play with all ranges of players. Guys that play once every 2 months and some guys that play every other day.


For the 4th year now, I am playing in the Dallas Tournament. Its a little crazy to play in this heat, on the blacktop, but its fun. Since I am extremely white, I wear a lot of sunblock. If you look for me, just listen for my voice. I've been accused of talking too much on several occasions. Its all in fun though (at least for me). Perhaps I'll see you out there.

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