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The 'Call To Action!'.. Are you doing this?


I'm in the process of revamping my mortgage website... and when I say 'revamping', I'm actually talking about ideas, designs, etc. but have not made the changes YET. During this process, I've solicited quite a bit of feedback, reviewed examples, and really tried to see how I could create a bigger buzz on my homepage.

What I have found out from many people is that the number one mistake I am making is that I do not have a 'Call To Action'. Apparently its the number 1 mistake made with many websites and mailers. A Call To Action is what you want the reader to do. Whether you are working a website or a direct mailer, it will only be effective if it propels the reader to contact you easily.

The Call To Action can be a combination of things:


  • Simple Statement like 'For More Information, please call me at...'
  • An invitation to attend a free webinar / seminar
  • A link/website where the reader can go for further information


No matter what your call to action is, just make sure its something you can track. If the customers are following through (short of calling you) then you want to be able to know what is working and what is not working. Track the results! You certainly do not want a potential lead to escape unnoticed.

I have seen many Realtor Websites give away information as a way to capture contact data. Perhaps you have seen this before "Real Estate Secrets and Tips", although some charge for this ebook. Or how about "Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing"?  The reader just has to fill out the quick contact form in order to receive the email with this FANTASTIC information. Now you have a lead to call in the near future.

Is this a technique you use?

How do you feel about it?

What do YOU feel would work best?



If you live in the state of Texas and are looking for a reliable Mortgage Professional to assist you with the loan product that best fits your financial situation, give me a call. We do not charge upfront fees to run scenarios or charge unnecessary application fees.

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Are you looking to purchase a Texas home?  Perhaps you love your Texas home but would be interested in refinancing your Texas mortgage to a lower interest rate?  

I'll help you get pre-approved for your Texas home loan and even suggest some very knowledgeable and professional Real Estate Agents in your area of choice.  If you are available to talk, I am available to listen.  Give me a call or visit my website for more details.

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The 'Call To Action! '.. Are you doing this?
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