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Back by popular demand! We're teaching encore social media classes!


If you have not heard the buzz lately.... 210 Consulting  (Jason Crouch and Jeremy Blanton) is hosting some upcoming Social Media classes. The first class is March 1st and the second class is on March 2nd.

If you are unsure of how to blog effectively, this is right up your alley. Get to the 1st page of google and drive traffic to your site. Check them out below.


After attending Raincamp Dallas, I received a number of requests to re-teach some of our recent classes.  Jeremy and I will be offering both of our initial 210 Consulting webinars next week once again. 

"How to Chug Google Juice AND Get 15 Years of Fame" - Monday, March 1st - 1-3pm Eastern

The primary topics for our class will be: 

  • How to write posts on your blog to increase your inquiries (and sales)
  • How to get Google and other search engines to pay attention to your blog
  • Dominating Google for your desired keywords
  • What a longtail keyword is, and how it can send you oodles of potential business
  • How to garner more subscribers and a loyal audience for your blog

In essence, your blog should serve as your "home base" online with any social media marketing plan.  With that in mind, we can help you shape your blog into a cozy and fun place to hang out.  

How would it feel to see other people start to spread your content and writing around to their friends?  
What are your goals with regard to blogging and social media?  This session is an absolute must for anyone who is new to blogging, or to anyone who feels that they aren't optimizing their efforts with their blog....yet.  We promise to share what has worked well for us.  

 Register here: - Cost is $60 - use discount code "activerain" for $10 off


"Cashing In on Your Social Media Investment" - Tuesday, March 2nd from 2-4pm Eastern

During our (approximate) two-hour session, Jeremy Blanton and I will share a number of items that will help you to better leverage your online marketing efforts. 

For the upcoming class, we will be providing lots of details on specific tools that we have used to make it easier to engage with others.  We can also show you some tricks using Twitter and Facebook to connect with others in your geographic area and to find potential clients.  We will also cover Flickr, YouTube, and Posterous.

We will be discussing the following topics in a fun, laidback atmosphere:

  • How to effectively listen in order to identify potential clients
  • How to add valuable content to engage with those around you 
  • Some basic "etiquette" for Twitter, Facebook, and blogging
  • Techniques for promoting yourself and your events

Register here: - Cost is $60 - use discount code "activerain" for $10 off


If you're interested in taking both classes, we are offering a package deal for just $90 for all four hours of training.  Please email me directly at to take advantage of this deal.

If you're unsure about paying for the classes right now, but you want to get a taste for our teaching style at 210 Consulting, you can also check out our FREE 45-minute webinar this Thursday at either 12:30pm Eastern or 1:30pm Eastern. 

The topic this week will be "20+ Social Media Tools for Your Business".  Seating is limited to 25 people per session.  If you're interested in the free sessions, simply fill out this form and we'll be in touch with more details soon:



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Back by popular demand! We're teaching encore social media classes!
If you have not heard the buzz lately… 210 Consulting (Jason Crouch and Jeremy Blanton) is hosting some upcoming Social Media classes. The first class is March 1st and the second class is on March 2nd. If you are unsure of how to… more
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