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Blending in is Bad for Business

Not sure how many of you know my friend JL Boney. Below he reminds us that you don't want to BLEND IN when it comes to business.  Stand out and be noticed.  Great job JL!

Go Ahead, Stand Out One of the largest mistakes that I see people make in this business, and in life in general in my opinion, is try to conform to the norm. I'm not sure why it is that so many people are hesitant to strike their own path and go against the grain.

 In the end I feel like you and your clients would be better served if you are willing to chart your own path. You have to be willing to take some risks and rise above the normal tone of mediocrity that's become the average. And in the end, who really wants to be known as average?

 Make a conscious to decide what it is that sets you apart from the crowd. The last thing you need to do is blend into the background and become like everyone else. Instead you need to turn heads and create a sense of excitement that surrounds you through your ability to try new things. See what the rest of the crowd is doing and add your own twist.

Capture your Goals

 If no one else in your area is really blogging, then capture the opportunity that they have presented to you. Blog your heart out to reap the rewards of better SEO and prove that you are not like the rest of the crowd. Maybe your background sets you apart. I was once a high end finisher that worked on $20,000 beds. When you charge that much for a bed, it has to be as close to perfect as one human can make it. Therefore, my background makes me very detailed and meticulous.

 Maybe you want to pass out boomerangs to your sphere and farm areas that say you'll keep coming back. Just make sure whatever you do it's memorable and it makes you stand out. You are not prey, so there is no reason to hide. You're not a spy, so secrecy has never been and never will be your friend. Bland may get you by, but it won't get you where you truly want to be. So make sure you're loud every chance you get, because you never know when the right person will be listening.



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Blending in is Bad for Business
Not sure how many of you know my friend JL Boney. Below he reminds us that you don't want to BLEND IN when it comes to business. Stand out and be noticed. Great job JL! One of the largest mistakes that I see people make in this business, and in… more
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