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He really does have ears... I swear.

Its funny how certain trends seem to come back.  Do you remember the styles that were in place when you were younger?  I remember watching The Brady Bunch.  I didn't think much about their pants or hair style until I was older.  Now I look back and think their styles were silly.  But apparently that is just my opinion.  Having two pre-teens in the house, I see now that I am not 'cool' and don't know the latest trends.

According to my son, for the past several years having 'bed head' was the style.  People will actually through gel (or whatever) in their hair to make it look messy.

Personally I like short hair - if you could not tell from my picture.  I am not saying that everyone should have their hair short like mine, but I am not a fan of 'bed head'.  Now up until about 2-3 years ago, my son kept his hair pretty short (here are some first day of school pictures from a few years ago).


Since then, he has let his hair get a little longer.  I figured he would grow out of it once he realized how much work it is to maintain longer hair.  His sister would have told him if he would have asked (not that he ever had hair THAT long).

So for the past few years, he has had no ears, or at least none that I could see.  Don't get me wrong, I'll love my son no matter what hair style he is sporting.  But I've been wanting to take it off for quite some time.


I know I know.. its not that bad.  He looks a little like the Brady kids.  As a matter of fact, I was calling him Bobby for a little while.  And I realize thats THE style, its just not my styel.  Just recently, he requested a haircut.  Check him out...

Now I can see the boys face... and HE HAS EARS!!

( he told me to tell everyone he said 'HELLO' )




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He really does have ears… I swear.
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