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I have been nominated for a Texas Social Media Award! Wanna help me win?

Please take a moment to read the post below from our very own Jason Crouch.  He was honored with being a nominee for the recently created "Texas Social Media Award".  He is running against 125 other nominees and needs our help.  ** Something to note, the other nominees are not AR Members **

Click on the below BUDURL provided by Jason and make a few comments about why Mr. Crouch should be awarded in his area.

On half of Jason, I'd like to thank you in advance.

The Austin American-Statesman (our local paper) recently created the Texas Social Media Awards, and I was pleased and flattered to have been nominated!  There are 125 nominees, and the judges will be choosing the Top 25 and announcing this "short list" on February 18th.  I also see this as another potential burst of exposure for ActiveRain, since most of the nominees are not in the real estate industry, so they are not members here.

What would I actually win if selected?  Great question!  According to the official site:

Each person on that list will be recognized by the Statesman with an award, a badge for that winner's blog and free tickets to a bash that we're throwing around the same time as South by Southwest (these awards are not affiliated with SXSW). An overall winner will be named at that time, too.

Here's where you can help.

Since they are taking the comments into consideration for each nominee, I would love it if you took a minute to stop by and leave a couple of remarks here about my social media/social networking involvement:

In other words, the comments that will matter are those left at the URL above.  Of course, you can feel free to comment here, too!


I don't want to give too much prompting with regard to the comments, but you could mention any or all of these topics:

  • My blog here on AR
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • My BlogTalkRadio show ("Twitter Tuesday") -
  • Any help that I have provided for you in the social media/online realm

Unfortunately, I can't offer you a proper bribe at the moment, but please know that I greatly appreciate any kind remarks that you are willing to leave at the link provided above. 

I don't know what my actual chances are of winning the whole thing, but I would love to make it into the Top 25!

Thanks so much for your time and support.  Have a great day! 



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I have been nominated for a Texas Social Media Award! Wanna help me…
Please take a moment to read the post below from our very own Jason Crouch. He was honored with being a nominee for the recently created "Texas Social Media Award". He is running against 125 other nominees and needs our help. **… more
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