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Help Sell FSBOs

Well, for the past few posts I have written some fun things and did not go back to my series.  To be honest, I just overlooked the fact that I had just stopped in mid though.  Anyway, here is a link to the previous posts regarding 'Obtaining More Listings'.

The next stage of FSBO capture is to become one with the enemy (I know that sounds cheezy).  What I am suggesting here is that you need to help owners sell their homes - to a point.  If your FSBO approach is merely trying to overcome their objection regarding listing their home with an agent, you may come off as a pushy salesperson rather than an expert adding value to the process.

Instead, specialize in giving tools to homeowners such that, when they have already decided to go it alone, you will make the process easier for them.  A sample FSBO package would be designed to disseminate tools to homeowners, such as:




  • An open house kit, including sample ads and a visitor' sign-in sheet.
  • Questions to ask prospects.
  • Instructions as to how to ready their home for the market.
  • Vendors with whom they need to work and the steps they need to take with each.
  • Sample sales contract with instructions.


Home For Sale Sign


Okay okay... I know what you are thinking right now.  "Why the heck would you just give them a ton of very helpful information?"  "What is the advantage of giving them these tools?"  Actually, there are several very good reasons:


  • You will present yourself as an expert instead of a salesperson.  When the home does not sell, you will be the first person they turn to.  Just make sure you are not mass mailing these items.  Make sure you go over these packages personally with the homeowners so that you are developing a strong relationship.
  • You will be in position to be referred to the prospects approaching the owners.  These referrals can be much more lucrative than the one listing you might be missing.
  • Your educational process may convince the owners that the process is to complex and they need help.  Many try to go at it alone because they are ignorant of how complex the real estate process really is.


A real assessment of your value proposition?  Are you ready to deliver value to those who could use it in a way that will deny you a transaction?  If you are willing to take this step, you may really put yourself in a position to be succeed...

I'll try to make the next installment sooner.  I was told that my posts are too long, so I try to keep them short.  It just means I have to send more of them, which is also fine with me.

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Help Sell FSBOs
Well, for the past few posts I have written some fun things and did not go back to my series. To be honest, I just overlooked the fact that I had just stopped in mid though. Anyway, here is a link to the previous posts regarding 'Obtaining More… more
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