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Another Referral Opportunity...

Another Referral Opportunity… The Survey!

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If top producers obtain the majority of their new listings from referrals, then one must learn to take every opportunity to set up situations in which you will be in a position to ask.  A perfect opportunity to ask exists with regard to the post closing survey.


A post closing survey is always a great idea.  Referrals come from those who have been given great customer service.  A survey tells the client that you care whether your service was top-notch.  If it was not, you can use the feedback to make adjustments in your service levels.


If your service levels were top-notch, the survey will be a great opportunity to ask for a referral.  Those who have just purchased a home, have a selective perception about others who are thinking about moving.  When you are in the middle of a real estate transaction you are more likely to speak to others about their desire to move.


Unfortunately, real estate clients do not typically complete surveys after they sell their home.  And when they are, the questions regarding referrals are usually too general.  Asking if the client would refer business to you is not the same as asking if they know someone specifically they would like to refer and setting-up a procedure for such a referral.  The answer to both issues is quite simple – offer some sort of incentive to have the survey filled out, and increase the value of this incentive if the survey includes a specific referral.  The incentive does not have to be expensive and may be supplied by a synergy partner – further leveraging the referral process.


From the beginning to end, the real estate sales process is full of opportunities to obtain referrals – if systems are set up to take advantage of these opportunities.  I am sure you can think of other situations in which asking for a referral would be appropriate and fruitful.


Hopefully you enjoyed my posts on how to obtain more listings.  While many of the ideas are common sense, it never hurts to be reminded of simple ideas that can increase your listing business.  As a partner to the real estate community, I take a special interest in making sure my real estate partners succeed.  Completing a survey after the transaction helps me achieve this goal and helps me maintain a higher servicing level.





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