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Improving Your Ability to Attract Buyers

Recent real estate trends have caught homeowners in a difficult position.  It's no longer possible to simply put your home on the market and have it sell within a few weeks.  Now, homeowners must be extremely diligent in making their home as attractive as possible.  There's a new battle of the Jones's, but this time it's how to make your home sell quickly, especially when compared to your neighbors.

The secret to selling a home quickly is preparation.  When owners make the effort to get their home in top sales condition, it will sell quickly.  Many of them put the home on the market, only to have it sit for several months unsold.  Eventually, the owners are forced to make unplanned improvements and even lower the purchase price.  If they have a contingent offer on a home, there's even more pressure to accept any offer, or pour more money into making the home sellable.

Before you contact a Real Estate Agent to list your home, take the following steps:

Get Ready Emotionally

A house really is a home.  It's a place we've poured energy into a had a log of fond memories.  It's also easy to become so accustomed to your home that you don't even really see the details of the property.  You need to examine your home with detachment.  What would a buyer be looking for; what do you need to improve; what should you get rid of; how does someone who doesn't have the emotional attachment view your home?

Next, you need to get ready to sell the home.  Make sure you are really ready to let go of the home.  When you are emotionally attached to a property, you are unable to make rational decisions.  Many homeowners aren't willing to allow the home to be listed at a competitive price because they think it's too low or won't accept offers for the same reason.

A competent Real Estate Agent can be of great assistance when it comes to letting go of the home.  The agent will offer you advice of the home's overall value and show you comparisons of similar properties in your neighborhood.  If after reviewing the comparison,  you still don't accept the suggested price, you may need to consider whether you are too attached to the property to sell at this time.

Making Home Improvements

Most homeowners want to sell their home because they want to move into a bigger or better home.  Usually, the last thing we want to do is invest more time and money in improving the home that we won't be there to enjoy.  But minor improvements can really make the difference between a home that lingers on the market and one that sells quickly.

Many homeowners put their home on the market without sufficient preparation.  They put the house on the market, and then get lots of feedback about it.  Maybe they will begin making changes to the home.  Unfortunately, the longer a home sits on the market, the more of a stigma is attached to the property.  When you make the changes upfront before listing, you have a lot less headaches and more interest in the property.

Real Estate Professionals, especially those that "flip" properties recommend that homeowners concentrate on the easy to fix problems, changing flooring, and paint.  Sprucing up the outside, adding colorful plants, repairing or painting fencing, cleaning up the yard, all create curb appeal without a lot of investment.

Consider getting the home professionally inspected.  It's far better to uncover potential problems before a prospective buyer points them out.

Depersonalize the Home

Finally, you want the house to be a place that prospective buyers can visualize themselves owning.  Remove family photos and knick-knacks.  In fact, it's a good idea to de-clutter the home.  Most homeowners could safely store about 2/3's of their belongings and still make the home look lived in.  Your house will look bigger, and more appealing if you store extra furniture and belongings.

A few simple changes can make your house seem bigger, fresher, more comfortable, and more appealing to buyers.  A little investment upfront can mean a big payoff later down the road.

As you list your home, work closely with your Real Estate Agent to get a competitive price.  Keep your house maintained in good condition, it's difficult to predict when buyers might come by to look at the home - hopefully you won't have to keep it maintained in picture perfect condition for long and will have an interested buyer in no time.


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