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Summary from 'Coffee with the Mayor'

On Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the monthly "Coffee with the Mayor".  During these meetings, the Mayor welcomes any and all Frisco Residents to attend and ask questions/concerns about our wonderful city.  This includes development plans, business relocations, energy efficiencies, etc.

Typically, there are approx 25-30 attendees.  This month was very small, only 9 attendees.  This could be due to the weather, time of the year, or any number of reasons.  What I liked about the smaller group is that we had more focus on issues rather than addressing several issues in no particular order.  However, the intentions of the meeting are suppose to be informal.

We discussed quite a few topics within the hour and a half meeting.  Below, I have highlighted a few of those topics:

Meeting Location - We discussed the possibility of meeting in different locations each month, such as the new Fire Station, Medical Center, or Independent School District.  Each facility does not have many visitors and would provide an additional topic of discussion (not that we are ever short of topics).  The only concern would be that people have been use to meeting on the 5th floor of the library for the past 5 month.  More details to follow in the next few weeks.

Water Bill Increase - It was announced last week that the water bill for residents would increase.  In previous years, the city was able to pick up the increases through its reserves from fast growth.  Since the growth within our city has slowed down, that surplus is not as large and therefore calls for an increase.  Fact is, the city receives an increase in water charges each year and is looking for the best way to pass those increases on to residents.  They are still reviewing this portion of the budget, which should be finalized shortly.

New Businesses - Frisco is always trying to compete for new businesses to relocate in our area.  There target has been large companies of 100 employees or more and an annual salary of $60K.  Although they have a specific target, they do not shy away from smaller businesses or 'mom & pop' shops.  Typically, when a company is searching to relocate or expand, Frisco is within the top 3 cities of North Texas.

Apartments - There are many new areas rezoned for Apartments.  This is due to our current economic status, there is a larger need for apartments in and around Frisco.  We may see this trend over the next few years.

New Mall In Frisco - That's right.  There have been a few discussions about building a new mall at 380 and North Dallas Tollway.  The discussions have actually been in the works for quite some time.  The builder (name withheld) is the same company that built the StoneBriar Mall in Frisco years ago.  A few days ago, this company announced some financial issues so they pulled out of the plans for the new mall.  The city officials are talking with a new developer and are hoping to move things forward.  No ETA at this time on the completed project.

As I mentioned, there were many other topics discussed during this meeting (marketing, budget, 'Disney' rumor... which is not true).  It would be great for you to come next month.  The meeting is held on the second Monday of each month @ 8 am.  Watch for future posts which will cover the newest location.

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Summary from 'Coffee with the Mayor'
On Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the monthly "Coffee with the Mayor" During these meetings, the Mayor welcomes any and all Frisco Residents to attend and ask questions/concerns about our wonderful city. This includes… more
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