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Listing Router 'Whiteboard Explanation'

Have you all had a chance to view this video?  Although it does not effect me, I think its very important to pass along to you.  The video is about 11 minutes, but is very well explained and worth the time.  Basically, Bob Stewart is explaining how the new Listing Router works.  Seems very exciting for you and your business.

Kelan and I take you through the new ActiveRain Listing Router. Watch as I explain how we are going to increase your business and get the traffic looking in your market to your website.


The "Listing Router" will ONLY show up on your pages when LOGGED OUT of ActiveRain.


In response to well-founded member concerns about people 'kicking the tires', testing Listing Router to insure that their campaigns are working correctly and being charged for such:

We've decided to make Listing Router FREE for the first two weeks (until November 11th 2008)

Anyone who has set-up a campaign and has been charged for clicks to be routed to their IDX sites will have their accounts credited back.

You will still receive credits for referring traffic out of your individual markets.

What this means is that there is virtually no risk involved in setting up your Listing Router Campaigns. So everyone go ahead and set-up your campaigns, kick the tires and otherwise have at it!!

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Listing Router 'Whiteboard Explanation'
Have you all had a chance to view this video? Although it does not effect me, I think its very important to pass along to you. The video is about 11 minutes, but is very well explained and worth the time. Basically, Bob Stewart is explaining how… more
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