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My Own Personal Challenge to Blog Daily

I see there is another Challenge out there which pushed some Activerain Bloggers to get into the groove again. Since I didnt see the challange initially, I decided that I need to have my own challenge to blog each day.

So, for the next month, I'll accept my own Challenge to sign on and post a story or two. To keep it interesting, I'll be sure to mix it up between business and fun.

Why a blog challenge? Its easy. When I was blogging a long, about a year ago, I was certainly seeing the benefits of blogging. I had Real Estate Agents calling with referrals and clients were finding me online. I have found that Activerain has been HUGE for my business (and still is). I've been able to build some great business relationships, friendships, and added to my client base. In order to maintain and continue to build my business, I'll need to amp up my blogging.

Contrary to what some believe, its not just the business blogs that get attention from clients (however, I am sure that rambling on and on is not the key either). That being said, I am not going to ramble on today, but I did want to let everyone know that I am accepting my challenge because now that holds me accountable. Accountability is the key for me. When Jason Crouch and I started the P90X challenge last year, it was the accountability partner that got me through it. So, now Im relying on my Activerain friends to hold me accountable for blogging on a daily basis. I'm sure no one will send me an email or call me if I don't blog, but the fact that I've put it in writing will hold me accountable.

If you are involved with a current challange and I am not already following your blog, let me know. I'll definitely follow you and add comments. No pressure to subscribe to my blog as I'm going to blog either way :-) One thing is for sure, its not the amount of comments you receive, its the amount of business that blogging brings.

No matter what your challenge is (blogging, business relationships, and/or personal challenges) keep focused and I wish you the all the best. Have a GREAT week and I'll see you in the rain!



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